Period of travel last few days of Sept. and Ist week of October, 2004

Staying in Spalding Linconshire, England and L'Absie Deux-Sèvres France

Leave Ottawa Sept 30th arrive London Oct. 1 leave England Mon 4th for France, Leave: Return leave from Paris France Oct 9th to arrive same day Montreal bus or picked up in Dorval to Ottawa

Travel on a Thursday advanced Fall seat sale Ottawa London Air Canada or
Zoom Airlines approximate price between 500 - 600$. Example Zoom Airlines
Ottawa to Gatwick returning Paris CDG to Montreal Dorval about
$ 681.00

From Gatwick Travel by bus / rail to Spalding Lincs near Peterborough (bus to
Peterborough then train to Spalding would be cheaper by half but longer).
By rail £42.30 or
$ 103.46

Experience the culture of UK pub life by staying at Red Lion Hotel Spalding. Great food and super real ale, super friendly. Canadians welcomed. Blues etcetera on Sundays. Stay Fri. Sat Sun? If a special weekend rate
applies 20 / 30 pounds per night( 3 nights)or $ 50.00 - $ 75.00 x 3
$ 150.00 - $ 225.00

Can't see the ehouse virtual tour playing? go to:

Red Lion Hotel, Spalding, U.K.

Train Spalding to Stansted Airport £23.50 (could probably do a shuttle taxi
mini-bus service from Spalding cheaper as a group)
$ 57.00

Then Monday get to Stansted Airport Ryan Air Flight to either La Rochelle, Poitiers or Tours these can be around 50 - 60 $ return with advance booking on line 23.87 GBP $ 100.00 just for the sake of argument probably cheaper
$ 57.00

Rent a MPVs for a number of days. Example of 2 Renault Espace for a Mon - Fri day rental divide amongst approx 5 people for each car Price 869 $ Period : From 27/09/2004 during the day To 01/10/2004 during the day. Rental option : 5-day rental Price : 525 Euros Recommended prices (inc. VAT) 1400 Km included Extra day : 117,00 Euros additional Km : 0,33 Euros $ 145.00 per person

Chez Rogers

Chez Rogers in L'Absie

Chez Rogers accommodates comfortably a total of 4/6. Canadians welcomed

TGV from Poitiers to Paris on Saturday early morning 50.30€ $ 83.00

Return flight Paris to Montreal via Zoom Airlines leaving 11:30 am arriving 13.10pm

I advocate March / April or Sept / Oct for several reasons the weather is excellent for swimming near La Rochelle, Foire du Vin a week of great wines sales at local Super U as much free tastings of some great wines. If you look into all the options on the Chez Rogers web site there are plenty of ways to Chill out. Local golf, wineries Chateaux etc.

Transportation = 681 + 103 + 57 + 57 + 145 + 83 = $1126

Accommodation based on 5 people = 175(UK) + 81(FR) = $256 per person

TOTAL $1382

Meals in UK are more expensive, Food & drink in France is quite reasonable. Gasoline costs more however.

Last update 3 August 2004