Chez Rogers : How to operate various Equipment and Rental Rules


Water heater in the kitchen:-

Under the sink there is a blue butane container. Turn the top nozzle in the direction of the arrow. There is a flow through valve halfway along the line to be turned in the horizontal position. At the heater unit turn the lever with the dot to the down position. (THIS IS NOW BROKEN).Use the press igniter button and look for a pilot (light yellow/blue flame). (USE MATCH INSTEAD).Make sure that when igniting that the switch is on the right [flame symbol].Finally turn switch to the left to change the pilot light (lightening bolt symbol) to water heater light (hot water tap symbol). Please allow enough time for the pilot light system to warm up before switching over. The hotter the water setting the greater the flame size.

Remember to switch off at all points after visit.



This is switched off at the source. Cupboard in the Livingroom under the old washing area near mailbox


Electricity Box

Electricity is operated by turning the  blue switch (lower right hand side of power board) anticlockwise if power is blown. The neighbours would help.j


Heating Radiators

There are individual switches to most heaters. A temperature control switch also a breaker switch at the power board top left to control all radiator heaters.

Remember to switch off at all points after visit.


Stove:- slow heating oven has 2 controls one for heating elements one for temperature

Remember to unplug after visit.


Fridge:- Please remember to empty and clean

Remember to unplug after visit.


Washing machine:- Please add detergent to the second detergent container  from the left.  Settings to start wash at 60 degrees wash either at night or from 12.00 - 2.30 Lunchtime. Hang clothes across the street in the garden the number 6 is clearly indicated on the building in front.


WC and shower:- Light switch located in the hallway lower switch. A bathroom fan switch located in the bathroom. Please use during showers. Hot water tank is very hot but is small. Long showers are not advisable.

Please be extra careful of the fragile table, chairs and buffet in the Living room

Check:- Please make sure that kettle and cafateria are emptied before leaving and all garbage removed from house


Keys:- Please check when leaving everything is locked and unplugged

Please pass keys over to whomever you received them from


Problems that cannot be resolved give reverse charge phone call to 001 613 584 2815